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No Rating is the world’s leading online dating website and is one of the top 500 websites of the world. It’s a huge network that is famous from Dallas to Beijing. Thousands of people use it daily to find perfect matches for them. This server is the ownership of IAC that is the famous American media and internet company. Despite having some controversies and misuses, the website claims to be the leading online dating website in the world. This dating service, officially services around 25 countries in eight major languages of the world. On CouponRoots, we offer you promo code and coupon so that you can get maximum discount from it. You can make the most of our codes to get discount while paying for its membership. It doesn’t allow free membership option and everyone needs to buy the membership before becoming a member of this network. So, make new friends now!

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All About

Owned by American Media and Internet Company (IAC), is the world’s leading online dating server that is operated in more than 25 countries of the world. Having it’s headquarter in Dallas, Texas, the website ranks in top 500 websites of the world. From Dallas to Beijing, thousands of people use it daily to find a perfect match for them. was firstly launched almost 22 years ago by three pioneers; Peng T. Ong, Gary Kremen, and Fran Maier. With their collective efforts, they made this website for newspapers as a classified advertising system. At that time, they did not have any intention to expand it worldwide as an online dating server. Then, in 1995, a lady named Fran Maier joined this team and converted as friendly for all women. She made this having an idea that men would then follow women and would eventually come to the website.

In 1995, membership of this website was free for men and women both and promo code or coupon were asked by anyone. They allowed numerous free users just to promote their website. IAC, the current owner of the server bought this domain in 1999 from a famous business and consumer service providing company of New York, Cendant who bought the website just a year back in 1998. become partner of AOL and MSN and merged with Love@AOL in September, 2001. It was done for general public so that they could make the most of online dating. After that, the website started to charge $24.95 as its membership and it was no longer a free dating website then.

The website reached its optimum level of fame when Guinness World Records declared it as the world’s largest online dating website in 2004.

Now daters who use can easily meet on a place sponsored by MatchLive. There are two other services like this as well. One is MatchTravel and the second one is Stir.

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